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Combined Flaw Detection

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

    Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

    There are multiple wave types when ultrasonic waves propagate in the medium. The most commonly used inspections are...

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  • Ultrasonic Testing

    Ultrasonic Testing

    Ultrasonic testing system includes: ultrasonic probe tracking car, longitudinal ultrasonic probe, cross wave ultrasonic probe,...

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  • Flaw Detection

    Flaw Detection

    The whole set of PLC selects the S7 series product, realizing the communication with OP panel (touch screen), frequency...

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  • Eddy Current Testing

    Eddy Current Testing

    Eddy current testing system includes: eddy current probe tracking car, eddy current probe, eddy current detector and so on.

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  • Eddy Current Flaw Detection

    Eddy Current Flaw Detection

    The device has many features as follows: (1)Full-automation (2)Digitization (3)The ability to be used to test lots of materials

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  • Current Testing

    Current Testing

    Eddy current flaw detection is a kind of flaw detection method that uses electromagnetic induction principle to detect surface...

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