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The Working Principle Of Computer Wire Stripping Machine

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Because the manual peeling is time-consuming and can not meet the money on the line now needs large Cambodia industry demand, stripping machine automation has become an inevitable trend. While the computer wire stripping machine was born in this environment, but the working principle of a lot of people are not very clear,

1, through the wire straightening device to input into the line into the line in the wheel, wheel stepper motor drives the upper and lower right wheel will need to move around the processing line; 2, the blade in the stepper motor drive, up and down two in the opposite direction, through the control between the upper and lower blades of the distance, realize the function of cutting and peeling;

3, the line roller roller stepper motor drives the upper and lower left rollers to move the clamped processing line, and the twisted wheel step-by-step motor drives the upper and lower left rollers.

Stripping machine manufacturers for the computer wire stripping machine working principle we introduce here, we hope that through the principle of understanding to the automation than manual stripping stripping faster, more accurate, more suitable for mass production enterprises.

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