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What Do The Machine Tools Need To Pay Attention To For The Chamfering Machine?

- Feb 04, 2018 -

The operator must be familiar with the performance and structure of the automatic double head chamfering machine. Attention should be paid to the use of methods, attention and so on. We must strictly abide by the safe operating system. Before the work, the operators should be strictly implemented in accordance with the regulations. For the provisions of the lubricating oil, it is necessary to check whether the content of the lubricating oil is lacking in time. If there is a lack of lubricating oil, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the automatic double head chamfering machine in time. Because every flight is required, it is required to add 2 to 3 times of lubricating oil on the base of the knife pole.

Especially in the process of starting machine operation, operators must always notice that the operation of the automatic double head chamfering machine depends on the temperature and the lubrication of the operation. If there is an abnormal detail, stop the operation immediately and remove the fault immediately.

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