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Hard Chrome Plating Equipment

Hard Chrome Plating Equipment

The system is energy saving and environmental protection to make products with the discharge of waste water chromium free.

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The system is energy saving and environmental protection to make products with the discharge of waste water chromium free. The washing water still flows into the master groove before and after the work-piece(processing target) is in the groove. Supplement the plating solution for its evaporation and decomposition decreasing. The plating tank and circulating tank ventilation are all channeled to chromium mist recycling and purification separation device. The detained chrome mist and washing water are guided to main tank to supply for the loss of plating evaporation, which saves energy and at the same time, protects the environment. Chromium mist recycling and purification tower ensure the quality of the purification effect, and at the same time  achieve zero discharge of electroplating waste-water.

The anode plate distance between the work-pieces is relatively small. The work-piece passes through the imitation anode and moved in with even speed, which guarantees the evenness of plating coating both in circumference of the bar, or in the direction of the axis of the bar.


【Equipment Working Process】

carry the work-piece to the front loading rack by workshop crane→ feeding the front loading rack→work-piece automatically moving forward into the pre-processing section→conductive device→Secondary activation cleaning→secondary reverse power processing→secondary sub-slot electroplating→water spray cleaning→conductive device→3rd activation cleaning→3rd inverse electric treatment→3rd sub-slot electroplating→3rd water spray cleaning(the purpose of this time cleaning is to get rid of the residual plating liquid on the surface of work-piece after plating to avoid the two-time pollution to the environment in the latter process of the work-piece.) →work-piece unloading from the back unloading rack.

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